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Tim Meakin Toton Shares Steps to Choosing The Right Solicitor

Welcome to the Tim Meakin blog. Tim Meakin is a leading barrister who specialises in Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury matters from Toton. So, you’re looking for a solicitor to represent you. There can be all sorts of reasons why you might want to engage the services of a solicitor: perhaps you have suffered a personal injury from:
  • an accident at work
  • a road traffic accident
  • clinical negligence (where a healthcare professional has made an error which caused you pain and suffering).
  • an industrial disease you have developed through your work, such as asbestosis.
Alternatively, you might require the services of a solicitor specialising in employment law – one who can help you with:
  • an unfair dismissal claim
  • a settlement agreement (where you are arranging how employment should end).
  • a discrimination claim
  • a constructive dismissal claim (where your employer’s conduct has forced you into resigning).
Before making any sort of decision you should consider the following factors.
Tim Meakin Toton Nottingham

Research the company before any decision is made

Recommendations from people you know and trust are always useful when considering your legal representatives. Always remember to look for client testimonials and recommendations including Trustpilot reviews. If you aren’t satisfied with the information from their website then look elsewhere. Check out what former clients say about a particular law firm. Make your own mind up!

Have they dealt with a claim like yours before?

Tim Meakin Toton Nottingham is able to deal with a wide variety of legal services. The time it takes to successfully conclude these different kinds of case for our clients varies greatly. Not only does this vary according to the different types of a legal matter, but also within each category, depending on the particular facts relating to each individual case. Alternatively, it is important to have confidence in your legal advisor because you should be satisfied that you are instructing a firm that has the correct expertise. As some personal injury solicitors have specialist experience in certain areas.

How have they evaluated your claim?

If they have given an exact figure for your claim before all or any evidence has been sent to them, then it might be best to consider someone else. At the start of a claim, you do not have every single medical record, or photograph, or witness detail, these must be requested then reviewed and then an accurate evaluation can be made.

Communication from your solicitor is important. Not all firms get this right.

At Tim Meakin Toton Nottingham,  many clients have switched to us from other firms. Poor communication from their old firm seems to be one of the biggest single factors for motivating clients to switch to us. No client should be left in the dark by someone they have put their trust in and left guessing about what is going to happen next. You can contact Tim Meakin Toton Nottingham not only during working hours but in the evenings and at weekends if emergencies arise. We keep up a regular dialogue with our clients throughout our time acting for them. This comes as second nature to us. Equally as important: we will speak to you in plain English – not legal jargon.

Finally, go with your gut instinct…

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to identify some useful considerations when choosing a solicitor that is right for you. Remember you don’t have to use any firm which may already have been ‘assigned’ to you – perhaps by your insurance company, car hire company, garage, trade union, or any other organisation. It’s your choice.

Tim Meakin Toton Nottingham has a particular interest in Sports Law cases and has represented many sports people and sporting bodies. Learn more about Tim Meakin Toton  here. Alternatively, you can also like Tim Meakin Toton's Facebook page here. You can also read Tim Meakin Toton 's news here.

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