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Welcome to the Tim Meakin blog. Sports law is an umbrella term used to describe the legal issues at work in the world of both amateur and professionals sports. Sports law overlaps substantially with labor law, contract law, antitrust law, and tort law. Issues like defamation and privacy rights are also integral aspects of sports law. The area of law was established as a separate and important entity only a few decades ago, coinciding with the rise of player- agents and increased media scrutiny of sports law topics.

Sports lawyers generally provide expertise in respect of the following issues pertaining to sports law:

  • Dispute in sports
  • Tors and sports
  • Sports marketing and legal issues
  • Sport and criminal law
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Sports lawyer also provide expertise and commercial advice on matters including:

  • Commercial
  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Technical kit supply agreements
  • Brand licensing and merchandising agreements
  • Interclub co-operation agreements
  • Electronic turnstile operation agreements
  • Payment card and managed transaction service agreements
  • Media content development agreements
  • Website optimisation agreement

Payer Transfers and Sport Law

  • Player transfers
  • Playing contracts
  • Agent representation contracts
  • Image rights structures

Regulatory Advice regarding Sports Law

  • Deed of Licence
  • Disciplinary matters

Tribunal Matters regarding Sports Law

  • Doping investigations
  • Competition issues

Dispute Resolutions in Sports Law

  • Tribunal hearings
  • Court of arbitration for sport
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Medication hearings
  • Employment tribunals

Services provided by Sports Lawyers

Broadly speaking, sports lawyer can provide expert advice and assistance with respect
to the following issues pertaining to sports law:
  • General sports law
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Finance
  • Competition law
  • Personality rights
  • Even management
  • Broadcasting
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Licensing
  • Employment contracts
  • Health and safety
  • Naming rights
  • Freedom of movement
  • Intellectual property
  • Anti-doping
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Rules and regulations
  • Administration and membership issues
  • Dispute resolution
  • Product endorsement
  • Ambush marketing
Tim Meakin from Toton practice covers a wide range of sports, including doping cases, and other sports disciplinary cases, child safeguarding, in addition to specialist personal injury and professional negligence claims (including claims relating to doctors, physiotherapists, and coaches). Find out more about the Tim Meakin Toton website. You can also follow and connect with Tim Meakin Toton on Facebook here. Read Tim's latest articles on the Tim Meakin Toton Medium page here for more information.

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