Tim Meakin Toton: How do football lawyers differ to football agents?


Tim Meakin Toton on the difference between football lawyers to football agents

Welcome to the Tim Meakin blog. In today's blog, we talk about the difference between football lawyers and football agents. Let's get started!
Tim Meakin Toton

What is the role of a football lawyer? How are football lawyers and agents different?

As a football lawyer, the role is complementary to that of an agent. Most of the work is in conjunction with the agent, for example, with transfers, contract renegotiations, brand endorsements, and image rights deals. The role of a football lawyer is very different from that of an agent because an agent deals more with the commercial aspects. Ideally, my role is to offer complimentary service to the service offered by the agent. 

What exactly is football law? Is it any different from sports law? What role does law have to play in football?

Ultimately, the law touches football in all its aspects: if it's broadcasting rights, then it’s a tender process; if it is free movement rights, then its EU law or UK law; if its contractual issues, then it’s the law of England and Wales and on and on. Football touches lots of different industries and it’s just a matter of figuring out what law applies. Learn more about Tim Meakin Toton  here. Alternatively, you can also follow Tim on the Tim Meakin Toton Twitter page here. Read the Tim Meakin Toton news here. 

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