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Welcome to the Tim Meakin from Toton blog. Tim Meakin is from Toton and can help you’re your compensation claims. Tim understands the impact a car accident can have on you – Tim Meakin’s priority is your complete recovery, through access to rehabilitation and by getting the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible. He will never rush you to a settlement, though, because we believe you are entitled to the maximum compensation, and because we listen to you and seek the result that is best for you.

Tim Meakin Toton

He knows that a car crash can be a truly awful experience. Most people involved in one will have a very vivid memory of it: the noise, the sheer force of the impact, even the smell. Just because there are so many of these sorts of accidents doesn’t mean that their physical and psychological consequences are any less for you if you are involved in one. An incident like a car crash can be difficult to overcome. Whiplash injuries are very real, and can be very painful. Anxiety about future road travel can be a serious obstacle to getting back to normal life. A full recovery means more than just getting the compensation you deserve.

If there is another driver involved in your case, and their actions were so poor as to warrant police investigation, Tim Meakin Toton will seek your permission to make a direct request to the police for an investigation into the incident. A successful prosecution of a negligent driver might avoid similar incidents in the future – it might even save lives.

Did you know you don’t have to accept the solicitor appointed by your insurer? You can even change solicitors after your claim has been started – we will handle all the paperwork?

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If you would like more information, or you wish to discuss your situation, contact Tim Meakin Toton today. Follow the Tim Meakin Toton on Facebook  for more tips on how to avoiding injuries. You can also read the latest Tim Meakin Toton news article here.

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