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Welcome to the Tim Meakin blog. Tim is a leading barrister who specialises in Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury matters from Toton. In today’s blog, Tim shares how to choose a personal injury solicitor. If you do not have a solicitor representing you and you pursue the claim yourself how will you know legally what arguments to put forward if liability is denied or if any offer is proposed to you, how will you know if it is reasonable

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“It will benefit you to choose a firm that specialises in personal injury as they will have the experience and expertise in pursuing these claims that general law firms may not have.” According to Tim Meakin from Toton.

“A good way to find out more is by searching for an accredited specialist.” advised Meakin.

You can also look on the internet and consider reviews on websites such as Google and Trustpilot. Have a look at individual profiles within a team to see what experience they have as you want to instruct someone you are comfortable with and has the relevant experience or ask the person who has recommended you what their experience was like, what did they like or dislike about the firm they had instructed to represent them. 

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Tim Meakin is a personal injury specialists with years of experience handling all types of injury claims from Toton. Learn more about Tim Meakin Toton  here. Read Tim Meakin Toton ’s free personal injury resources here. Alternatively, you can Tim Meakin Toton on his social here.

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